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    1. Adewale Adetona is a digital media enthusiast( he practically lives on tweeter 🤭his tweet comes in as he breathes lolz) and I believe he has been able to leverage the power of digital media to build relevance in the area of digital mariveting and strategy. Wale has his own digital agency called Mustardels Media (www.mustardelmedia.com.ng) which is focused on helping brand (both big and small) to grow using digital tools and strategies. The Agency has been able to to expand the growth possibilities of over 50 businesses. He’s a converner of one of the largest gathering of digital media enthusiasts in Lagos – Lagos Digital Summit (www.lagosdigitalsummit.com), which is in its 3rd year running. Strength of participants annually has been over 1000. This summit has been a platform for discourse on digital media, branding, marketing, sme growth, sales and advertising. The expanding nexus between digital media and business marketing has been extensively discussed with consideration of social media dynamics and technological innovations.
      He is passionate about having relevant conversations around social and business issues and raising awareness for advocacy in the new media. He is also keen on expanding the coverage of the agency and the summit to outside Lagos, with ongoing discussions on modalities.

  1. Edirin Edewor deserves this award because she is great at what she does and is creatively innovative in her unique style

  2. Edirin Edewor deserves this award under New Media because she is creatively innovative in her unique style

  3. Winnie Kennedy is fit to receive the award under Young person of the year category. Previous Post was a mistake. Thanks.

  4. Raphael Tamunomiebi Stephen deserves the award. The fame illuminate leadership project has help to equip the youths with leadership skills

  5. Adebakin Rofiat Atinuke founder of RA’ADIRE Concept deserves the award under business category because she is innovative and reviving the Nigeria culture and heritage through adire textile designs

  6. Abass Oyeyemi deserves the award for Community Action. He has used his Reaching Minds Foundation to touch every vital sector in the society, most notably advocating for healthy menstrual hygiene in prisons. He also distributed menstrual pads for female inmates in prisons across Nigeria

  7. I would like to nominate Isaac success. Isaac service to humanity is immesureable. Thus, Isaac success deserves this award.

  8. Elvis Akpobi is a goal for this award especially for how far his campaign on “Not too young to rule” have affected many youths positively. His human capital development programs have also enriched many young lads to achieve greater heights.
    These are evident across the length and breath of Delta state and Nigeria.
    His locally breed for the Global market. Elvis is a brand.
    I endorsed his nomination.

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