Femi Oye

Independent Audit Committee

Femi Oye, CEO of Green Energy & Biofuels (GEB); Co-founder, SMEFUNDS and Chief Architect, GoSolarAfrica. He’s a leader of Africa’s foremost clean energy technology companies, bringing decentralized offgrid solar solutions to business and residential customers while spreading Cellulosic Bio ethanol from waste biomass into the domestic and transport fuel market. He invests in ethical, green enterprises by creating linkages and capital to help transform Poverty ideas into thriving businesses while creating jobs, improving women’s livelihoods and help the poor move themselves out of poverty.

Oye is disrupting the conventional thinking around Carbon Trading and Climate Change for Africa; Launched 1st Carbon trading platform for Domestic Emission Offset Exchange that make Clean Energy available to Low income Households, Businesses, Schools, Non-Profit and Governments at a low and innovative rental plan never available in the market; Leveraging the UNFCCC Voluntary Market Mechanism Methodology (VER-M) and the World Bank’ Price on Carbon Methodology to Inspire Native participation and Signatories. In 7 year, over $13m VERs already Exchanged and Credits fully paid out. Today customers can earn Solar Credits (STC) or Renewable Credits (REC) on qualified POAs and technologies in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Kenya, Uganda and Else Where. FemiOye Insist, Climate Change Problem is good business!