Melvis M. Ndiloseh

Independent Audit Committee Africa

Melvis M. Ndiloseh is CEO of the Foundation for Peace and Solidarity, a Cameroon-based non-profit, with outreach operations across Africa, which works to reconcile conflict-ridden communities through human rights and peace education. The organization also runs a pioneering flagship international training program on civilian peace support operations with the goal of building and consolidating deployable African human resource capacity for conflict management and humanitarian operations across the continent. At the international level, Melvis is a highly solicited independent consultant on human rights, democracy and peace, with viable international consultancy experiences with supranational organizations such as the African Union, UNECA, EU and IIDEA – helping to advise and elaborate future-proofed policies.

She recently completed a two-year mandate as a member of the Technical Committee of the Tana Forum on Peace and Security in Africa. She holds a Ph.D. in Politics and Human Rights, and serves as Senior Lecturer at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon, where many diplomats from African countries are trained; and as a visiting professor in other African universities where she lectures on the African human rights system, peace and security issues—lighting the path for change and mentoring/coaching hundreds of graduate students and aspiring diplomats.