Seun Onigbinde

Independent Audit Committee

Oluseun Onigbinde is the Lead Partner and co-founder of BudgIT, a civic organization that works to make public finance data more accessible, transparent and understandable to citizens. Oluseun leads the organisation’s strategy development, stakeholder management and fundraising. He is working towards a just, transparent and fair society where every citizen within a community has equal access to information about the fiscal position of their society.

Prior to leading BudgIT, Oluseun worked in two Nigerian financial institutions in areas of business development, strategy and service delivery. He has also worked on federal public administration reform, providing strategic support for the National Assembly Budget and Research Office (NABRO) on data analytics, budget tracking and visualization patterns. In 2015, he helped the International Center for Journalists rethink health journalism in Nigeria.

Oluseun is currently a member of the ONE Africa Policy Advisory Board.