31 Jan

The Future Awards Africa Prize for Advocacy (Ghana)

Ametepey Emmanuel

Emmanuel Ametepey is a youth development consultant with special interest in governance, participation and youth empowerment. He is the Executive Director of Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG) and the Convener of African Youth SDGs Summit. He believes the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provides opportunity for African youth to engage their national governments, create their own local initiatives and contribute to the international efforts to end hunger, combat climate change and bring prosperity to all.

Emmanuel has worked as the country coordinator for Voice Africa`s Future-(VAF Ghana), a Pan-African Post2015 Youth Consultation Project which used widely available mobile technology, crowd-sourcing through e-platforms and radio to ensure Ghanaian youth groups participate in shaping the post-2015 agenda.

He was a Mentor for UK based Restless Development`s Accountability Advocates Project for Ghana, which aims to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and networks needed to analyze official data and generate their own to track progress towards national and international development commitments such as the monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Elijah Amoo Adoo

As Founder and CEO of Food for All Africa, Chef Elijah is working with stakeholder’s within Ghana’s food supply chain to create sustainable means of nutrition through food recovery, redistribution, farming and forum for 5845+ beneficiaries with a recovery between $8,000-10,000 worth of food on monthly basis. He has initiated the National Food Donors Encouragement Bill, a bill which will institutionalize food donation in Ghana working together with 12 public and private stakeholders including Ghana’s parliament. Chef Elijah has also been supporting vulnerable youth with vocational training to create career in the hotel and hospitality sector.

His company was in 2014 selected as one of the 100 Global Best practices to end hunger and poverty in Ghana by Dubai International Awards for Best practices.

Chef Elijah was in June,2017 awarded by Queen Elizabeth II as a 2017 Queens Young Leader for his courage and passion of re-inventing Africa’s food system by bridging the food gap between plenty and scarce within communities.


Jamal Musah

Jamal Musah has over three years of experience in poverty alleviation initiatives through climate change advocacy and agriculture. He is currently the CEO of Amandze Farms Company Ltd, a commercial farm that adopts and applies conservation agriculture techniques. He oversees the business operations of his company, ensuring quality standards are met.

He is also the founding director of the Ghana Youth Climate Coalition, an NGO that seeks to mobilize, educate, inspire and empower youth to become agents of change and also advocate on climate change and environment-related issues. Jamal holds a BSc in Business Administration (Accounting major) from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jamal hopes to expand his agribusiness company, which will contribute to ensuring food security in Africa, and empower women and youth in agriculture.


Sara Nana Yeboah

The co-founder and vice president of a charity organisation, The Sangy Foundation. She has through her organisation renovated schools, hospitals and libraries. As a professional nurse, she founded the Sangy Nursing Services which offers free health screening in homes and events across the country. She is also featured on TV and Radio shows as a health consultant. Her initiatives include Tech Meets Health, Glam School Project, Back to School Project, XHealth Watch etc.


Alfred Nyasem

Alfred Nyasem is 31 years old, and the founder of Anja Charity Foundation and Eduaid International. He is passionate about volunteering and children. He constantly advocates for the community through fundraising for community schools, organising of free healthcare outreach for poorer villages. His drive towards community advocacy leads him to recruit over 200 international volunteers from all over the world to volunteer in public schools, health centres and hospitals in Ghana.

He is also known for advocating for ecotourism in Ghana.