31 Jan

The Future Awards Africa Prize for Business (Ghana)

Adu Amani Vera

She is the brain behind the adu-Amani brand which manufactures African indigenous shoes, bags and fashion accessories in Ghana for the local, Nigerian and Kenyan markets. She is super passionate about colors and that has won her many clients across the globe. Adu-Amaning Vera will, on any day, make the mark when mentioning young and determined Ghanaian ladies who would not be hindered by challenges in reaching their set goals.

Apart from the brand tagged adu -Amani which originally represents where the shoes or products are coming from, her unique designs are reminiscent of Africa as a whole with a touch of African fabric added to the collection. Her business, which is over 5 years old, currently caters for the Nigerian and Kenya market.


Emmanuel Nyame

Emmanuel Nyame is the of Chairman of Dream Pathway International and is an innovator with over five years track record in developing business for both corporate and individual work. Dream Pathway International [DPI] is a management consultancy that focuses on project execution, equity and business financing and global expansion of companies. Emmanuel’s passionate about social entrepreneurship, tech and governance became evident when he successfully launched StartUp Cup in Ghana. The StartUp Cup provides solutions for accelerating entrepreneurial ventures, creating jobs, and building local and regional entrepreneurship ecosystems. a.

Emmanuel launched StartUp Cup in Ghana, changing the entrepreneurial scene from business-plan focused to business model based since 2013. Startup cup has made a name for itself, by bringing together entrepreneurs across the globe. In 2018, Emmanuel launched his book Rise above, which encourages youths to rise above their challenges and circumstances and live to their full potential.

He is currently the co-founder and board member of Educational Communities Worldwide, a social enterprise focused on addressing unemployment and skills gaps through sustainable tourism, knowledge transfers and lifelong learning opportunities.


Fatima N. Adamu

After graduating from the University for Development Studies with a bachelor degree in Integrated
Community Development Studies, Fatima N. Adamu, Ghanaian entrepreneur started Carters Kaftans by importing beautiful occasional kaftans from Indonesia, selling on wholesale and retails to the Ghanaian market, and later introduced her own line, modest wears from Turkey. Today, Fatima designs her own connection of modest wears. She started her business due to her zeal for entrepreneurship, and her passion to do something she really loves. Carters Kaftan has an impressive collection that carters for the clothing needs of a larger proportion of Ghanaian demography.


John Armah

John Armah, is CEO of the Orios Group in Ghana, a holding company with three subsidiaries focused
on growth capital to Startups, Agribusiness and Business Advisory and Development Services in Ghana.
Orios Group which has subsidiaries such as Ghana Center for Employment, Entrepreneurship and
Innovation, TradeInvest, and Orios Foundation was co-founded by John as he leads the team to
undertake great business ventures as its CEO in diverse fields and industries. The Orios Group, which aims to redefine wealth creation in Africa by identifying, training and supporting scalable, impact-based African start-ups.

Orios has trained over 20,000 youth and businesses in Ghana, formalized over 400 Businesses and has
been a key advocate of championing policy in Ghana’s Start-up Ecosystem also actively matching
Investors to Start-ups in Ghana while it raises the Orios Fund.

It focuses predominantly on early and growth stage businesses providing capital, business
development, Training and Advisory services to this market.


Yasmin Kumi

Yasmin is an extraordinary business woman, leader and social visionary who has proven her great talent, diligence and character on so many occasions. Yasmin is a 30 year-old Ghanaian-German entrepreneur with a great passion for private sector development in Africa. She is the founder and Managing Director of Africa Foresight Group (AFG).

In 2015, Yasmin founded AFG to offer affordable and world-class services to African businesses and investors through a local African advisory group that can compete with the top global consulting firms. The mission of AFG is simple – to support the build-up of more African large multinationals that can become the backbone of economic growth on the continent. This is achieved through AFG’s three service lines.  The Think Tank showcases local companies and their business models as well as investment opportunities in Africa in collaboration with notable partners such as Thomson Reuters Africa and the World Policy Institute. AFG Business Advisory brings teams of alumni of big consulting firms such as McKinsey and BCG into local mature companies across Africa to support their business expansion; The Research and Advisory services lines focus on promoting financial, agricultural, and consumer inclusion, thereby addressing the needs of those innovation has helped least.

AFG is based in Accra, Ghana with 7 full-time employees and additional hires planned this year. AFG has completed 20 missions in the past 12 months across a number of African countries, and has over 40 additional projects in the pipeline. The company leverages technology by building talent pools of consultants, researchers, and industry experts, allowing the company to engage potential talent to efficiently staff projects.