02 Dec

The Future Awards Africa Prize for On-Air Personality (Radio)

Awazi Angbalaga  (24)

Radio presenting is a tough cookie to crack but Awazi Angblaga always knew it was the one thing she wanted to do professionally. So when the opportunity presented itself in 2016, she embraced it wholeheartedly and reinvented herself as Awazi, a presenter hosting the newly established SoundCity Radio Drivetime show, called ‘The Home Run’. During the week, Awazi interacts with fans from Lagos and tuning in from the rest of the world, keeping them informed of general events and building a rapport with her core fanbase.

Thanks to her tireless work, her appeal demeanour and her activism on radio and through her social media channels, Awazi has become a voice for disenfranchised women, and regularly champions their causes. She shares personal anecdotes of her own personal struggles with body image and weight gain and the undue pressure that is placed on women maintain a narrow and largely unattainable standard of beauty. Thanks to her work, SoundCity Radio routinely ranks at the top of the most listened stations in Lagos, currently rank at 6 of 30 active stations.


Sophia Anidugbe  (28)

Morning drive time shows are notoriously hard to crack, especially in places outside of Lagos where radio culture isn’t as evolved. But Sophia Anidugbe is intent on creating her own wave of morning shows at Cool FM Kano where she anchors their ‘Good Morning Nigeria’ morning show that runs from 5 am to 1o am on Weekdays and Saturdays and the ‘Sunday Morning Oasis’ show that runs on Sundays from 6 am to 12 pm. Sophie has figured out a routine that includes high profile interviews with guests and an effervescent show that captures the pulse of Kano and connects her listener to the station and to each other. She has become a huge part of the Kano social scene and force for change in the state.

Anidugbe has the fans to prove that she has found her calling and she uses this attention to advocate for causes close to her heart, including  Orphans and Women’s Support Foundation.


Cassandra George  (24)

Not many people know that Cassandra George is part of a network of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University alumni taking the radio industry by storm, but she is definitely the most successful. Odumegwu moved to Enugu after she graduated from COOU and began her career as a radio presenter at Solid 100.9 FM in Enugu state, anchoring the Girly Girly Show on Wednesdays and the Soul Sistaz show on Sundays, two shows that revel in and celebrate femininity and female interests. But she is best known for her work on ‘The Morning Show’, a weekly drive-time radio show that runs from 5 to 8 am.

George has managed to amass a loyal following in one short year, connecting to her audience thanks to her empathy, her understanding of South East culture and her charisma. She is bound to become a national phenomenon.


Paul McPetros  (24)

Paul McPetros is a radio presenter with the Bauchi Radio Corporation, a state-owned radio station often defined by its traditional listener base and its very archaic expectations of what constitutes as good radio. McPetros has used the platform the Bauchi Radio Corporation affords him to impart knowledge, creating the weekly radio show TIMEOUT, a music business inclined show that seeks to demystify the business and entrepreneurial end of the music industry through interviews with industry professionals, explainers and exposes into the terms, practices and technology that is driving the new wave of music business success.

McPetros also debuts Bauchi based performing artists on his show, acting as an informal talent scout and helping these emerging artists amplify their music and find new fans. He also hosts other creatives on the show influences the growth and evolution of the music business in Bauchi state.


Ada Foluwake ‘Folustorms’ Ogunkeye   (31)

To call Folustorms a radio presenter is to expose yourself as a neophyte in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Ogunkeye has tried out and excelled in just about every creative endeavour, with credits in acting, voiceover acting, and presentation, radio and television hosting, red-carpet hosting and live event compering, she is the inimitable Folustorms.

After attaining an LLB, LLM and Barristers qualification (Bachelor at Law), she went on to become a broadcaster on a local radio station (92.3 Inspiration) and competed in the MTV base Africa VJ search to become a top 3 finalist. Storms, has worked with a number of brands including Smooth 98.1fm, Guaranty Trust Bank, Jumia and many others. Her documentary, The New Africa for Ndani TV, which she wrote, produced and hosted received a nomination for Best Documentary at the Africa Magic Viewer Choice Awards.

Ogunkeye’s unique blend of intelligence, charm, beauty and passion combine to form a perfectly delightful storm. She continues to delight on radio and television and use her platform to promote travel tourism on the continent.