04 Nov

The Future Awards Africa Prize For Photography

Adah Clarence (30)

Adah Clarence (Gottay) is an internationally recognized creative photographer specialized in fine art/fashion and portrait photography and hails from Kogi state. Adah Clarence finds inspiration in capturing magical moments from everyday life to an unimaginable beauty of nature to unveil the glamour of life when it’s described through heavens eyes. He had his diploma in photography from Shaw Academy (2017). Integrated with a wide array of clientele, gottay photography has worked with some of the best in various fields, some of which include but not limited to;

  • Première Urgence Internationale “France NGO”
  • WaterAid “NGO”
  • University of Sunderland (United Kingdom)
  • Kogi State Government (late gov. Prince Audu Abubakar),
  • Capital Assurance PLC
  • Sandralia Hotel
  • Beauty Addict
  • Nordic Hotel, amongst others.

From his unique approach to creativity, courage for experimental art and unwavering passion to his craft makes it evident that gottay will be here for a long time and sure to explore new frontiers in the uncharted field of photography.

Yemi Ajala (31)

Yemi Ajala is a photographer who serves his clients around the world from his ultra-modern state of the art studio based in Ilorin, Kwara State.

He is passionate about creating beautiful, simple, classic, and thought-provoking images that capture the essence of life and time — Yemi’s attention to the tiniest details is exceptional.

As a way of giving back to humanity, Yemi Ajala is working with Leah Charity in support of breast cancer awareness.

His clients include the Eunisell Oil and Gas Services, Project Face Kwara, and the media partner of JR Farms and H&C LTD.

Praise Nnemeka (21)

Nmeka Praise is a 21-year-old beauty, fashion and lifestyle photographer.  A graduate of Babcock University, Nmeka has been honing his photography skills since his undergraduate days. Nmeka within a year has been able to amass a good portfolio of work for himself working with several cosmetic and hair brands. Some of his notable works are the official photos of Nollywood actress Chika Ike for her cosmetic line Chika Ike cosmetics, the bloom edition, switch cosmetics, lush hair etc.

He is also the official photographer for exquisite Magazine taking pictures of celebrities that have graced their cover pages.

Stephen Tayo (25)

Stephen Tayo is a photographer who captures intimate portraits that reveal the sartorial flair and quiet dignity of his sitters. Focusing on their clothing and accessories, his work explores the multi-layered symbolism of fashion: what clothing says about identity and relations with family and community. Adopting formal poses that were popular in the studio photography in West Africa in the 1950s and 1960s, his work is influenced by the portraits of Seydou Keita, Malick Sidibe and Samuel Fosso. Stephen Tayo studied philosophy at the University of Lagos. His work has been featured in Vogue US, British Vogue, New York Times, Indie Magazine, Dazed, Teen Vogue, Dazed, I-d, CNN, Vogue Australia, Vogue Spain, Vogue Italia, Okay Africa, Cultured Magazine, Interview Magazine among others.

He was announced as one of the exhibiting photographers at the Lagos Photo Festival. In 2018, he was commissioned by Dutch streetwear brand Patta and Nike on the occasion of their collaboration, to shoot a campaign for their launch which was exhibited in London. In the same year, he co-photographed the increasingly ascendant culture of boundary breaking fashion in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, for the New York Times. He created a series that was celebrated twin-ship (Ibeji Series) that was exhibited at the Rele Young Contemporaries ‘Same’ series was also exhibited in a Group Show at Palais De Tokyo, Paris.

He recently also showed his work in Amsterdam and Paris including a recently announced show in Aperture gallery New York. Tayo has brought his vision of Lagos to the world, shooting fashion and rock music fans for the New York Times, festival style for Dazed, and street style for Vogue. For his current project, Tayo is documenting the city’s drag subculture – a sensitive subject in Nigeria, where LGBTQ+ rights are not recognized and there are no legal protections against discrimination.

Tolani Alli (27)

Tolani Alli is an acclaimed documentary photographer whose images and stories have been featured on BBC News, World Press, The Guardian (U.K), Bella Naija and more. She was recently commissioned as a freelance photographer by The Guardian (UK) on a special report on the oil spill in the Niger Delta. Additionally, Tolani was the first African enrolled in the debut of World Press Photo Noor Images and Danish School of Photojournalism/Media Documentary Program, which she completed with honors.

Tolani came to prominence as an official photographer to the Oyo state government, one of Nigeria’s most notable states. While this role has historically had limited female representation, she battles hard to push for more gender equality and prides herself as a proponent of equity in her profession. A distinguished alumni of The University of Michigan, she credits her photography journey to a chance interest in a camera after watching an Aston Kutcher Canon commercial while battling a grave illness. As her true passion for photography emerged, she transformed from being medical school bound to becoming obsessed with photography and telling stories with her lens.

Tolani Alli continues to be a trailblazer and unapologetic in redefining what it means to be Nigeria, American, African and global citizen. In delivering the keynote presentation at The World Renowned Fearless Photographers Conference In Split, Croatia, she challenged the crowd to open up itself to a new African narrative and showing the importance of photography in doing so. Her bold and visionary approach leaves little explanation as to why she was recently named in the top 30 of 100 of the most influential young Nigerians. Currently, Tolani is The SA on Photography to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the office of the Vice-President and The Personal Photographer to Vice-President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo SAN.