04 Nov

The Future Awards Africa Prize For Technology

Chinedu Azodoh/ Adetayo Bamiro (29/32)

Adetayo Bamiro and Chinedu Azodoh are co-founder and chief growth officer for Max.ng, a Nigerian motorcycle transportation and delivery app operating across Nigeria. Azodoh and his co-founder, Adetayo Bamiro, came up with the idea for the company as part of an assignment while studying at MIT Sloan School, in Massachusetts. Max.ng in the last one year has raised $7 million to expand into Ghana and Ivory Coast and he provides job opportunities for youths. Max.ng has over 1000 motorcyclists and has completed over 850,000 trips since its launch.

Zang Luka Bot (28)

While technology holds our attention for all the fascinating things it makes possible for us, it remains relevant to humans because of its capacity to solve even our most challenging problems. This is the philosophy behind Zang Luka Bot’s embrace of technology. Bot is the inventor of the Foot Mouse, an iteration of the traditional mouse that allows people with upper limb disabilities to still full access the internet by navigating computer interfaces with their feet. It also works quite well for people with high-back or neck problems that forbids them from putting unnecessary strain on their limbs in this way. By connecting 1000 amputees in Jos town with Computer Foot Mouse technology, Bot has empowered many physically disadvantaged Nigerians who otherwise would be discriminated against.

Bot also contributes to the conservation of the environment through waste management and recycling. Bot has patented technology that allows him to recycle waste into batteries that can be used in power bank technology. Bot has successfully distributed 500 power banks.

Muhammad Salisu Abdullahi (28)

Muhammad Salisu Abdullahi is a 28-year-old Nigerian co-founder and managing director of eTrash2Cash, the social enterprise that uses a tech-enabled platform to exchange waste for money. The waste is then sorted, processed and recycled into products such as organic compost from food wastes, raw material pellets from plastic wastes, and tissue paper from paper waste.

They have been able to collect a total waste collect of 1,622 kg and recycled over 993,48kg with the total incentives paid to the public in Kano and Bauchi states in the last one year.

Timothy Adeleye (30)

Timothy is the founder of Optiweb – an innovative Digital and Mobile solutions company specialized in bringing valued innovation to consumers and businesses in African regions. Optiweb thrives in meeting the needs of the demanding African market by providing the most advanced digital and mobile solutions, Digital contents, Social Media solutions, Specialized CRBT, Contest & Gaming, Mobile insurance solutions, SMS services, USSD platforms, IVR/Voice, Mobile & Web Applications backed by powerful proprietary technology, locally deployed infrastructure and high-performance enterprise solutions with extensive technical support. Clients have the security and comfort of knowing that they are partnering with an established company, which has a strong international presence and a unique perspective on how African businesses use mobile & telecommunication technologies.

Funfere Koroye (29)

Funfere Koroye is an Industrial designer and Product Developer Based in Lagos, Nigeria. With over 6 years of experience, he is eager to improve his knowledge of the inner workings of hardware – innovation, branding, manufacturing, advertising, and development.

His skillset spans across several industries which include but are not limited to FMCG, Fintech, Footwear and Furniture. He has received global recognition for his work across America, China, Italy, and Australia.

At a very tender age of 5, a young Funfere grew as an inquisitive, but a very bright kid – always taking apart toys and appliances to see how they worked.

Inspired by Steve Jobs and Dieter Rams, Funfere Koroye discovered his passion for inventing, creating and designing which informed his decision to study Industrial and Product Design, at the Savannah College of Art and Design and Domus Academy amidst many objections from family and friends.

After graduation, he started off designing footwear, then mobile phones, and packaging for the food and beverage industry.

Today, Funfere is a co-founder of a tech and design startup, the Nupe Project, an initiative focused on solving the many challenges affecting many third world countries specifically, while simultaneously fostering the ignored 1% of African talent in Hardware development. One of Nupe Project’s first products to market, The Nugas Smart Meter is an innovative LPG cylinder regulator that uses smart metering features that combines GPS and IoT technology to eliminate upfront fuel costs and enables millions of homes to access clean portable energy in Africa and other 3rd world countries.

As an Industrial designer and product developer, one with a heart and genuine compassion for helping many individuals. Funfere has had the opportunity to design, plan and develop industrial, commercial and consumer products for mass manufacture with particular emphasis on ergonomic factors, marketing considerations, and innovative advancements to help businesses reach their customers more efficiently.

Some of his other innovations include designing a diffuser system which repels insects by using a mist system and an automated timer, and a tube-like water filter that fits into most regular plastic bottles with the sole purpose of distilling unclean water inexpensively.

In 2018, he was commissioned to work on developing/designing a solar battery for Jaza Energy in Tanzania – which is currently powering the homes of thousands of East Africans without access to electricity on the grid.

Over the next few years, Funfere Koroye aims to be the pioneer of hardware development on the continent by using design innovation to improve the lives of millions.