11 Aug

In commemoration of International Youth Day, The Future Awards Africa announces community action nominees from across Africa

Now in its 15th year, Africa’s most prestigious award, The Future Awards Africa, has announced the nominees for its prize for community action in commemoration of this year’s International Youth Day which holds August 12, 2020.

The Future Awards Africa (TFAA), are a set of awards given by The Future Project (TFP), to honour and celebrate young people between the ages of 18 and 31, who have made outstanding achievements in the year under consideration.

In line with the theme of International Youth Day 2020, ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’, the award highlights outstanding young Africans building communities despite the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals across Africa.

The award, to be held as a television and digital event this year, acknowledges their excellent contributions to community building within the year in view.

In no particular order, below are the nominees for The Future Awards Africa Prize for Community Action 2020:

  1. Samira Isah Modibbo (29 years) Nigeria
  2. Ellen Chilemba, (22 years) Malawi
  3. Derick Omari (24 years) Ghana
  4. Nelson Kwaje (28 years) South Sudan
  5. Seyi Aragbada (26 years) Nigeria
  6. Trevor Oahile, (23 years) Botswana
  7. Njeri Gateru (31 years) Kenya
  8. Anyanwu Joseph (23 years) Nigeria
  9. David Avido (24 years) Kenya
  10. Ayodeji Alonge (22 years) Nigeria

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