31 Jan

The Future Awards Africa Prize for Fashion and Design (Ghana)

Papa Oppong

If you are into African fashion and design, then you should already know about Papa Oppong. Papa Oppong Bediako is a fashion Illustrator, fashion Designer and a new-age artist. Papa’s fashion journey kicked off at a very early age.

The upcoming designer has already been featured on the CNN African Voices Series and has had his iconic gowns worn in The White House by Violetta Markelou. Papa Oppong also exhibits his own personal style, paying homage to street style with a touch of his organic creativity. His unconventional sense of style is quite magnetic, making him one of the leaders of the new school.

A young Artistic and talented Papa Oppong likes to focus on high fashion and glamour, which makes his illustrations looks powerful, confident and unstoppable. He uses is work to describes the modern day, 21st century woman AND Also sketching celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé to mention a few.

Currently, Papa Oppong works as a freelance fashion illustrator and designer, art director and creative consultant in Ghana – West Africa. Known for his theatrical shows/ productions and his love and respect for pioneers such as Alexander McQueen and Viktor & Rolf, the young designer seeks to show the world that Africa is a goldmine of talent and opportunity and can be as influential in fashion as the West is.


Akosua Afriyie-Kumi

Akosua Afriyie-Kumi is the founder of AAKS, a company in Ghana that hand-crafts luxurious handbags from raffia and leather, using ancient weaving skills. Akosua started her business with the goal of introducing the world to her favourite weaving techniques done by the women of Ghana while also creating and igniting sustainable jobs for women. Akosua studied fashion at Kingston University London and she is connected to every stage of the design and production process to oversee and ensure that her company’s products are imbued with the spirit and soul worthy of the A A K S stamp.

Since launching in 2014, AAKS has been shortlisted as an emerging designer from Africa by Vogue Italia, featured by Elle Decoration, Vogue, CNN, Forbes Woman Africa, Guardian UK and many international publications.

Akosua now stocks her woven bag collections in 60 stores worldwide including Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.


Jermaine Asiedu

Jason Jermaine Asiedu is the Ghanaian young designer whose work celebrates women’s curves and elegance. As a relative newcomer to the African fashion scene, with his brand having only started in 2015, Jason is one of the youngest designers in a local industry chock full of youthful talent.

He is the founder and creative director of Jermaine Bleu which is an emerging brand that uses its pieces to tell a visual story of modern African culture. The brand presents an array of edgy meets modern looks in its collections and their pieces feature high slits, unique patterns, bold colours, pleats on flared pants and much more.

The brand simply means ‘the blue girl’ which was derived from the French word ‘bleu’ and you can depict this colour in most of their collections. His designs remain whimsical and refreshing, suggesting a bright future in Accra and beyond. He is certainly a newcomer to watch


Steve French

Steve is a Ghanaian fashion student with a flair for extravagant designs. He is inspired by the female form and aims to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty with his designs. Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, he has a brother and a sister. Drawing came about for Steve French when he was a young boy at age 8. In those days he started drawing cartoon characters and would pay close attention to the character’s outfits. At an early age he developed his avant garde aesthetic

French’s bold silhouettes in a mostly black and white palette reminds one of works by Comme Des Garçons. The collection, titled “Beautiful Imperfection” draws inspiration from mental illness and the stigmas and perceptions that are associated with it. Mental illness which is generally perceived to be negative was researched and explored, where beauty was seen in something that is generally regarded as ugly and frightening.

This collection shows his passion for Avante-Garde and takes inspiration from everything about the lunatic asylum which he translates into design elements using as shapes, color, fabrication etc.


Elisha Boie

He is a Ghanaian fashion designer, who is widely known for creating the African Print designs with Western features, like African Print Bomber jackets, African Print emoji clothes , t-shirts and Sweatshirts.
Sport jerseys, wedding gowns etc made with traditional woven Ghanaian fabric, kete are all his specialty. Elisha Boie, the young Ghanaian fashion designer fuses people’s love for football, street fashion and traditional fabric into one powerful and unique collection known as my MyRRH. He launched several Bomber jackets and as at 2018 he has Sold more than 5000 pieces online days upon it’s released. Elisha has designed for Ghanaian singer Wiyaala, Raquel and the group fokn Bois.